December 27, 2008

any plans?

Since I have no glorious plans for new year's, my cousin and I decided to have our own party in my room. There'll be food, music, and a whole lot of shakin' wut our mamas gave us. :-o

Wut are your plans? @@

December 23, 2008


As a result of my slacking off, I missed reading Bliss's tag. This is me, appreciating Bliss.

I don’t know you

I’ve never wiped the glass to see through you

A closer look at who you are, at what you’re made of, would expose the sweet true you

I might not show it.. it may not be revealed, but you should know that I kind of already know you

The sensitive you

The pissed off you

The hilarious you

You, and all of who you are

An innocent soul with the mind of a lady I see in you

You are my friend, and I’m blessed by knowing you

You are simply BLISS

P.S. I'm not gay. Neither is Hana. We are planning to get married tho. :-o

December 15, 2008

Hiii :$

I have no decent excuse for not updating. So, I'm just gonna start off with "Hello people :$!".

- I watched Twilight and am severely disappointed. Edward is so not Edward, and Bella is just wrong.

- I have a lot of stuff to do for Uni. oo 7adi slacking off.. mali 5ilg :(

- oh and I saw gay mit7ajib the other day while lunching bil Avenues!! I knoooooow!!! :-o

- I started watching this new show "Fringe", and i'm getting hooked! I recommend it for sci-fi freaks like meself :$

- This song is my latest habba song. The video 7ada stupid, bs it's good music! Enjoy! ;D

November 10, 2008

HI :$


Okay, okay, so I’ve been away for a while (Noonie la tjifeeeni :$). I just got busy with this hectic hectic world! I don’t have anything in particular to say, so I’ll just blurt out wutever comes on my mind.

-I’m going through midterms, as we all are. I just finished a presentation. I think I did good, but there was no wow factor there.

-The weather started to get sexy this past week. I’m still waiting for the real deal, nose-freezing, cheek-paining cold, though.

-I went to latest 007, and it was HOT!

-Sliders’ chocolate pudding is heaven on earth :$

-Twilight opens on 21st of November in the US. It’ll probably take a couple of months before it opens here. And therefore, I’ll uTorrent it!!

-Estelle just tells you to shake it!!!

October 23, 2008


Never let anything squish your hopes. Never let anyone make you feel less than you deserve. Even if you suck at math and can't get a decent grade on your HW! Even if your social life is kind of a mess at the moment. Even if you don't feel beautiful for some undefined stupid reason. Don't be pushed to your bearing limits. Everything will be better someday, somehow, somewhere, and hopefully, with someone speciaaaaaale! :-o

Okay, I'm done being Miss spirituality here. Back to me old self. Here are some updates..

-I suck at math! i SUCK at math! and i haaate that i suck at MATH!
-My social life is beyond a mess. Dealing with family is not as easy as it looks!
-My photoshop skills are shitty! is there another word for shitty? crappy?! poopy?!!! The thing is i have to work on them for my graphic design class. I like photoshopin, but not when you're graded on it!
-And finally, I have a "Halloween" party next week, and i've decided to show up as a vampire. I've always been a fan of vampires, but Edward has his own effect on me. :$

Peace out!!!

October 17, 2008

Hana's Qs

Inspired by the one, the only, HANA the Oreo Chick!!!! :-o

ok, so here it goes:

Can you multiply big numbers in your head?
Not really :$

Have you ever gotten a zero on a test?

What's better? Egg salad, tuna salad, or chicken salad?
None :-o

Were you a good kid or did you drive your parents crazy?
I think I was good :-o

What is your weirdest turn on?
I’m not sure :$

If you have kids do you want them to have common names or names you don't hear very often?
Common names. Ma7ib el fnatig!

Would you ever go on a blind date?
Not a chance!

Whats better? Adding, subtraction, multiplying, or division?
I like division. I’m not sure why, though.

Do you have bangs?

Is it hard to please you?
I don’t think so.

If you hear a certain person’s name does it make you emotional?

Vampires or werewolves?

Does seeing couples in love make you mad?
Not mad.. Jealous, sad, then happy for them. It’s a complicated world! :-o

Do you cry if you see someone you love crying?
I don’t cry.. I just hurt.

Why is it that blue is considered a boy color? and why is it that pink is considered a girl color?
Stupid ppl. Stupid rules.

Do you believe that parents really love all of their children the same? Or do you think they pick favorites?

Do you laugh when you see Chinese people?
no :-o

Do you say you hate your life when you actually don't?
“don't we all :$” as Hana the magnificent said!

Are your nails always painted?
most of the time.

Is it important to you if your friends like the person your dating?
It would be great if they do. If not, It doesn’t really matter.

Do you love the show "The Office"?
I haven’t watched it.

Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas are dating. Isn't that strange?

Have you ever felt like you literally needed someone?
ohhh yes.. yes.

Does talking about sex make you uncomfortable?
it depends on who am I talking abt it with @@

If you said yes then don't answer this but if you said no, are you a virgin?! Seriously, Hana? :-o

Elton John, thumbs up or thumbs down?

If you were gay/lesbian would your parents accept it?
NO WAY! I wouldn’t accept it :-o

Which is better? The whole band System Of A Down? or Serj Tankian solo?
Wut? Who? none.

Have you seen Sweeny Todd?
I want to.. maybe I will, someday in the future. :$

Do you think afro's on white guys are cool?

Who is your favorite character on That 70's Show?
Michael & Hyde!

Is there someone that you could spend every single day with and never get sick of?
oh yeah!

Are you good at dealing with things alone?
Yes, I am. I might break down, but I get by.

Is your hair past your shoulders?

Are you a pimp or the hoe?
I’d like to think that I’m the pimp ;D

Is your hair healthy?
I believe so.

Are you a rough or gentle person?
gentle :$

If the one you love hurt you, would you let your pain show or act like you don't care at all?
I’ll act like nothing’s wrong.. if it really really bothers me, I’ll talk abt it. But I would never act like I don’t care!

Why are skinny jeans just now so popular?
yep, pretty HOT!

Have you ever actually thought that you were going to die?
yes.. and no.

Do you think the future will be good or bad?

That's abt it!

September 20, 2008

Back 2 School. YAY!

okay, so school starts tomorrow. I'm calmly letting that mortifying fact sink in. It's not that I'm not ready or anything, it's just that I'll miss being bored and having nothing to do. I know I used to complain abt that, HOWEVER, you never miss the water until it's gone :$. Ohhh happy days! :-o

How stupid is it that we go back to school for one week and then we're off again for Eid?! HOW RIDICULOUS IS THAT?!!


Another thought to share..


September 3, 2008

A Bamboozling Territory!

Do people have to sacrifice their own will and deepest desire to make others happy? Should they accept to be driven towards an uncraved path just to content cherished ones? When do they have to stop and shout, “wait a second! I have a mind of my own. I’m sorry, but it is about time that I said no!”. No! How about out just a simple solid “NO”?

They have tongues and fluently do the words flow out of their extremely verbose cleavages, nevertheless, they don’t speak to not twist the smiling curves on the faces of beloved ones. Would the “NO” wound egos? Are they supposed to utterly swallow the “I want” and sing aloud the “they want”?

Are the swallowers the “good ones”? or are they just STUPID?

Are the others born with dominant characteristics, or are they denominators because the supposedly “good ones” don’t have the guts to stand up to them?

Is this making any sense? Am I making any sense whatsoever?

Just a thought I wanted to share. Just a question I wanted to be questioned.


August 30, 2008


I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!

Rome was sexy! I liked the place, i liked the atmosphere, i liked the FOOD! speaking of food, I LOVED THE ICE.CREAM!

we went to a couple of sexy places over there. we visited the colloseum, where Mr. sexy Russel Crow filmed The Gladiator. It was disappointing not to see him welcoming us with arms wide open! We also went to the Trevi Fountain where i made some sexy wishes. The Vatican was the most amazing i must say. Micheal Angelo did a great job with his paintings i must say. oh and also, we walked our way to the Spanish Steps. I had my face characterised over there, and he made me ugly! ugly! ugly! Damn you Italian painter!

Anyhoo, back to the FOOD! I loved it! :$

That's all for now.. i'll leave you with the pics :-o

The Colloseum
The Vatican
The Spanish Steps

Ciao :-o