February 24, 2008


Life is Good!

February 19, 2008


After reading Oreo’s question about the marriage thing, you know.. that if a girl is 16 or 17 , would she be too young to marry, a lot of marriage and love questions just popped into my head! Oh and especially the age thing. What does marriage have to do with love.. or age? @@

Its like, is there the perfect age to marry.. or to experience love?

And what abt the age difference.. does it even matter :-O

No really, I’m asking !!!?

You got me really confused Oreo chick :-O

Help is needed for this dysfunctional heart to function normally! Ok .. ok..

Not normally… I’m fine with just functioning.

February 15, 2008


I read in the newspaper today that the rates of adultery, divorce, diseases, and bastards will increase if segregation is not applied! Is that how they see us, kuwaities?!! Animals!!?
Why can't they look at the matter from a diffirent aspect?
And come on lets face it, If they do segregate schools and colleges, then what will happen to those, who have never had contact with the other sex, in the bigger society!?
I'm sorry, but integrated campuses are not "byooot da3aara"! Coz this is how "jam3iyat el e9la7" is presenting it.
As I see it, if they want to segregate schools, the least they should do is give us the choice. We should have both, segregated & integrated schools. As a matter of fact i think we already do. So just give us the damn right to choose what we see best for us!

February 14, 2008

Valentine's ?

So now you know how I feel abt V'Day!

February 4, 2008

Good People

Good people are hard to find… Therefore, best friends are needles in hay stacks.