May 28, 2008

My Kniiiiight

since i haven't posted anything in a while, i was thinking why not a sexy poem?! :-o enjoooy mes amis!

My Knight

As each raindrop hit the ground

I look for you all over around

I found you walking in the crowd

So lost in thoughts, not making a sound

I caught your eye and gave you a smile

For you have made my life

Of all these girls laughing aloud, dying to hear you say “hi”

You came to me, smiled at me, held my hand, and flew me away

Up high through the sky we flew all night

Up on that white cloud we talked we laughed

I sang you a song that my heart wrote

I spoke my mind and every silly thought

For you make my days

As we lay down talking to the moon

You at seas and I’m by the stars

I sent you a secret with the night breeze

It told you I love you, you and only you

Come here my love… oh let it be soon

A flying kiss came and said I’m yours my love, and you are mine

The sky smiled and whispered hold on to what you’ve found

You make my moon, my stars, my sun

My sky does not stand without you in my world

Don’t ever go and leave me in the dark

My heart is in you hands

Keep it safe until the day we finally meet

Until I scream it aloud, I love you my knight

May 25, 2008

I'm Alive! :-o

I am still alive!!!

Last time I checked, I could still breathe. :-o

I know I’ve been away from the Blogging world for a while now.. Its not that I’m dead as I mentioned earlier, I am very much alive. I just got caught up with life I guess. Man, college is a psychopath soul-sucking vamp!

For those of you who missed me, I thank you for making me feel special in this very horrible cruel brutal wooorld. And you, yes you who have not wondered where skittles the seximento has been, I shall forgive you. For you are only human and you fault as life smacks you around. I also know that deep deep deeeeeeeep down inside you miss me like hell. In fact I admire your supremacy of endurance.

P.S. Shaima’a I AM HERE! ALIIIIIVE AND BREATHING. :-o I miss you too, hehehe. ;D