January 23, 2009


So this is the 10 honest things abt moi tag. I’ve been tagged by Bliss.

1. I’m a chocoholic.

2. I can get really crazy when I’m hyper.

3. I sound like a drunk when I’m sleepy.

4. I’m outgoing.

5. I’m all abt nail polish! I love weird colors!

6. I’m sensitive. I sometimes take things too personally.

7. I’m an emotional person. I’m strong emotionally tho.. I’m not sure if these two clash :-o

8. I’ve been told that I’m a geek many many times.

9. I’m not so bright when it comes to relatives.

10. I have a thing for bracelets. I think I’m addicted :$

And this is the Butterfly Award thingy. I’ve been chosen by Bliss and Candy.

And the Butterfly Awards go to:

1. Bliss.. sensitive, mature, sweet as ever.

2. Charmbracelet.. speaks her own mind and not ashamed of it.

3. Candy.. talkative, LOL. really friendly.

4. Disturbed stranger.. an incredible writer, smart, a really sweet girl.

5. Jouja.. a7is 3indaha leadership, 3indich mostaqbal Jouja :-o

6. Pinkish.. I dont know her very well, but she seems friendly and kinda shy.

7. Meemz.. you cant help but love her! :*

8. Mr.Cookie.. such a good person.

9. Atoona.. God she's so friendly! you cant help but adore her walla.

10. Libro Anima.. Love her sense of humor!

January 9, 2009


I had some circumstances that disabled me from New Year-ing you. BUT, it's always better late than never. :-o

Happy New Year Ppl!

Oh and just a piece advice instead of all the crappy resolutions that we never stick to..

And that's an order! :-o