November 13, 2007

Stand UP Tall

Stand up tall

In the middle of the road is where we stand
Thinking of what has passed
Planning for what shall come
Believing that the light is there
At the end of the tunnel it’s what you’ll find
It’s what we effortlessly try to reach
Every thing moves so fast
Yet every moment is being lived
People around you stop and stare
“What made this person who she is “they would say?
Not knowing its them who built my bridge
I’m not so much as angry as I seem
But life has rubbed its edge on me
It trimmed my vision with reality
It made me taste the blood of earth
Then gave me honey to break the grief
Ironic are the tests of life
Yet wisdom is what you derive
Stand on your feet
And do stand tall
Don’t be afraid to have it all
Prove that you are what you have made
Say that you fear not what lies ahead
Hold up the torch that you have lit
Yes, it may be what life has carved
Upon the stone where you shall stand
But it is you who claimed what is inscribed
My faith, my goal and all my dreams
They are the ship where I shall board
Give me your hand and off we go
Success is waiting …
Let’s go…

November 3, 2007

A Tale ...

We laid down under the diamond sky
Wrapped up in velvet , sheltered from the storm
An illuminating moon rose to meet the stars
Once upon a time .. he began to sing a tale
Smiling we were as the dream went on

A cloud shattered into vivid pieces of light
Finding their way down to earth
A piece encountered a wounded bird
“what’s wrong?” it glared
My wing is broken and I can’t fly
I am falling down in an endless sky
The ground seems so far to reach
Where is the love?
Where is to piece?
To carry me home as I please
Why can’t the world live at ease?
Why cant we all stand as one?
Just like the moon
Just like the sun
How far is land of god from here?
Is it as far as love…which can’t be reached
Is it as far as peace.. that’s just being preached
Every man is for his own..
And you ask why the world is gone
“I will keep falling.” The bird declares
I vow to be lost … never to be found
Until the earth lights up the moon
That’s the story of which I sing
My light will soon be off and dimmed
And fear will be your hearts that beat
One for all , and all for one ..
For till that day arrives .. wounded birds you all shall be
With no heart to feel .. no wings to fly…
So don’t you dare and ask me “why???”