March 30, 2009


I glance.

I smile.

I gaze.

I blush.

I bloom.

I float.

I love.

I dream.

I live.

I soar.

I fly.

I breathe.

I laugh.

I freeze.

I crack.

I break.

I crash.

I rain.

I thirst.

I wither.

I die.

I fall.

March 18, 2009

A poem


I run, I fight the wind..

With my hair catching up behind me, and faded dress to savor my warmth..

I breathe in the cold air, I take it all in like the oxygen I was deprived from by uncontrollable forces..

I feel as if my speed is unchallenged.. I run furthermore..

I hug the acceleration with my all and blast it out like the vastest atomic explosion..

This state I’m in feels like charging out of prison walls..

This irrepressible freedom feels like water after a decade of thirst.

I run, run, run..

Just run..

With an unknown destination I scatter my fears, worries, and pain where I’m never going back

Goodbye yesterday.. last week.. goodbye all eighteen years of mine..

I’m clashing these walls standing in my road..

I’m flashing through time.. I finally know where I shall go..

A future where all that I knew seize to exist..

A clean slate.. like reflecting water of a lake that’s still..

If this is a dream, God let me dive peacefully into an endless slumber..

I shall never wake up.. I’m loving this air.. I’m breathing forever

I close my eyes as I fly with unstoppable legs..