April 4, 2009


Since I love random posts so very much, I thought I should post one. So here it goes…

+ About two months ago, my friend G saw a couple of cute puppies in one of the boots in a car-boot sale that our college arranged. She got puppy-crazy on us and convinced us all to get puppies with her. Anyhoo, long story short, dudes and dudettes I give you my Jerry! He's not exactly a puppy, but I laaaaaav him :$

+ I’d like to think of myself as a super car parker. Okay, not so super but I can manage parking my car however and wherever I want. So a couple of days ago I had a Geology midterm. The test was at 2pm, I was in the parking lot trying to find a parking space at 2pm. See the dilemma here? I had some trouble parking my car since I’m in a hurry, I mean I’m a geek who’s late for a test! a girl was passing by and she helped me park the car, while a 3gaidy guy kept honking! SHTABI! After I got out of the car, he stopped his car in front of me and went, “el masfa6 chitheeee, sawaitiii chitheee! Allah ysaaaam7ich!” he had this ugly smirk on his face while expressing his disappointment with his hands! All the while his other 3gaidi friend kept pointing his finger at me and laughing so HARD!

Elzibda, Kuwaiti guys can be such miscreant behinds at times!

+ I’m addicted to Cadbury Eclairs lately, it’s a crime. yummmmmmmmmmm!!!

+ My current song habbas are:

- Drops of Jupiter, by train.

- Broken strings, by James Morrison ft. Nelly Furtado.

- Caribbean Blue, by Enya.

- As time goes by, by Frank Sinatra.

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