December 30, 2007


No matter how strong the feeling is,
sometimes it's just better to bury your emotions inside...

December 25, 2007


Doubts, doubts, doubts.
Thinking is by far the most stressful task human beings could ever do. You face, you think, you doubt... and then you just EXPLOOOOOOODE !!!

Diamond in the Hay

As we stood on the edge of an unknown future
You placed you hand on my heart and told me not to worry
Everything will be fine
You will find the glory… it’s what you said to lift me up
The wind blows in my hair
As we danced the tears away
We’ve been hurt, betrayed, and easily took for granted..
You have laid all you cards
Wanting nothing in return…
A tearing eye, a wounded heart is what you got
For giving all the good you have..
Wake up now and face the storm
People are not what they may seem
They will suck your blood and soul
Will leave you shattered … a broken doll…
But do they care? You think they do..
Life goes on, it’s what they know
It is what’s so pure as a stone from the moon fell..
It is what’s as white as the snow that floats from up high..
This is what they missed when they turned their backs…
It is what they lost when they stabbed your back..
Someday you will find the heart of gold
Somehow you’ll know the good that’s out there..
Patience my friend.. patience is all it takes.
Don’t be let down by the undeserving.
Always look up… always be the king.
I can see through you .. and I know what you’re about..
One thing’s for sure… you’re the diamond in the hay.

December 5, 2007

Miss You

Wind is blowing..

Sky is gray…

On a cliff I stand..

One step ahead I walk

Raging sea..

Cracked black rocks…

Rain is falling..

Heavy rain..

I breathe in the cold..

Feel it in my heart

One more step and I shall fall..

Wind is singing..

I stretch my hand..

Reaching for what is not there…

Close my eyes..

I close my eyes…

I sea you now..

I keep them closed…

Forever closed…

I’m falling now..

I miss you…

November 13, 2007

Stand UP Tall

Stand up tall

In the middle of the road is where we stand
Thinking of what has passed
Planning for what shall come
Believing that the light is there
At the end of the tunnel it’s what you’ll find
It’s what we effortlessly try to reach
Every thing moves so fast
Yet every moment is being lived
People around you stop and stare
“What made this person who she is “they would say?
Not knowing its them who built my bridge
I’m not so much as angry as I seem
But life has rubbed its edge on me
It trimmed my vision with reality
It made me taste the blood of earth
Then gave me honey to break the grief
Ironic are the tests of life
Yet wisdom is what you derive
Stand on your feet
And do stand tall
Don’t be afraid to have it all
Prove that you are what you have made
Say that you fear not what lies ahead
Hold up the torch that you have lit
Yes, it may be what life has carved
Upon the stone where you shall stand
But it is you who claimed what is inscribed
My faith, my goal and all my dreams
They are the ship where I shall board
Give me your hand and off we go
Success is waiting …
Let’s go…

November 3, 2007

A Tale ...

We laid down under the diamond sky
Wrapped up in velvet , sheltered from the storm
An illuminating moon rose to meet the stars
Once upon a time .. he began to sing a tale
Smiling we were as the dream went on

A cloud shattered into vivid pieces of light
Finding their way down to earth
A piece encountered a wounded bird
“what’s wrong?” it glared
My wing is broken and I can’t fly
I am falling down in an endless sky
The ground seems so far to reach
Where is the love?
Where is to piece?
To carry me home as I please
Why can’t the world live at ease?
Why cant we all stand as one?
Just like the moon
Just like the sun
How far is land of god from here?
Is it as far as love…which can’t be reached
Is it as far as peace.. that’s just being preached
Every man is for his own..
And you ask why the world is gone
“I will keep falling.” The bird declares
I vow to be lost … never to be found
Until the earth lights up the moon
That’s the story of which I sing
My light will soon be off and dimmed
And fear will be your hearts that beat
One for all , and all for one ..
For till that day arrives .. wounded birds you all shall be
With no heart to feel .. no wings to fly…
So don’t you dare and ask me “why???”

October 12, 2007

3ed elF6r

t8abal ALLAH 6a3atkom


3eeeeeeeeedkom mbaaaarak


October 6, 2007


Holaaaa all,
i miss writting sooo much ... ppl keep on telling me to post something new .
GOD, mo5yyy ma y6alle3 !!!
i cant think of something to write... is this like just a phase or is my mind gonna sleep like this 4ever ???
i neeeeed help !
Drastic measures need to be maaaaaaaade !!
ok guys ,,, help me out here ... does it have something to do with food , sleep ??
any suggestions??

September 1, 2007

Hold on to my memory


As flowers dance with the breeze…
You chose to leave and steal the air I breathe…
My eyes tried to capture your own.
But yours kept hanging on the moon..
Fearless I turned to be .. demanding a reason of why you shall go ?!!
“we’re just not meant to be..” you dare to say.
How is that so ??????
When every dream you had of me, lived to be reality..
And every tear bleeds from my eye, found your cheek to fall upon..
Another excuse you lay on the ground “ it doesn’t feel right when I’m around !!”
A piercing arrow cuts through my heart ….
For you’re the only RIGHT in my life..
But what do I have to make you stay , when you think my love isn’t enough…?
Go , I shall say … for against your heart you shall not stay ..
But this , I fiercely dare!!!
If you found a heart to cherish your own existence like I’ve done and always will do,
Hold on to my memory .. for that’s the only piece you’ll ever have of me !!

August 13, 2007

A whole new world

A Whole New World

My soul escaped away to live in the warmth beneath your wings…
As my sight rested on a silky moon straddled by the velvet sky.
I soar my thoughts to catch my dreams. dancing among the stars
To a melody your heart was beating for my feet to walk
When a butterfly came to my ear and said : the time has come !!!
My strength to stand shattered into weakness
My voice to sing faded into whispers of yearning
I missed you my arms expressed as they flew open to your untouchable embrace
By a glance you carried me in your eyes , kept me safe beneath your lids
We flew under an endless diamond sky
As a whole new world opened its gate
Lets make it our own ..
Let me keep your smile in my heart..
take my heart & keep it in a silver box of which your head rests upon before you fall into my dreams …
I searched your soul for the key… I realized then it was me who’s being searched!
Surrendered I felt , to the love in his voice..
“where is your soul ?” his eyes demand ..
An assuring smile wiped my lips .. as I reached to touch his heaving chest.
“I lie within your flooding blood .. I swim through your endless veins,
I sip on your whelming warmth .. as I am beneath your wings.!!!”

July 31, 2007

It Does Exist

Tired… is how I feel
Sick of wondering if true love is real
Done with wishing you are right here
You… who I don’t know
Who I’ve never seen , touched …
Never heard the warmth in your voice
You’re a picture , an almost fading portrait
You lie in my head
beneath dreams…
Behind hopes…
Could it be?
I wonder…
Could it be that you are another luscious dream of which my mind paints ,
To feed the endless hunger of my heart?
A question to an answer that hunts me always
If you are there … somewhere among the crowd
Open up your heart , for what its worth
You might be stabbed…hurt
And you will bleed
And so you’ll lock your door from the hand that holds the cure
But if its just… the life of where we are meant to be
I’ll break that door .. I’ll get through to you
See, when that enchanted moment arrives…
I’ll cherish you like no one can
I’ll blind my eyes .. for you will be the last sight of beauty my heart have touched
I’ll hold you close…I’ll never never ever set you free
So keep it up…your hope for love
For I’ve been told…it does exist!!!

July 21, 2007

I'll Never Break You...

I’ll never break you!

Sitting here with absolutely nothing to do
Just freezing there in a stroked pose, I am obliged to commit to
Not being able to communicate with those who wow at the site of me
Not being able to return the compliments, which are being cast upon me
The gazes full of envious vibes, yet amazed expressions
They look at us wishing they could be so shiny, adored, and bright on the surface
But what that all have seemed to pass by without attention
We are empty…completely hallow, that is what we feel
Simply made of what your hands create
I thought I heard a noise
A fading voice as I passed by
Feeling I was so lonely
Feeling abandoned by emotions
As I focused on a window pane
My sight caught a little ballerina
A little shiny and so bright ballerina
With a surface I simply immediately adored
As I stood, there in dead silence
For a shred of a lovely moment there
I wondered to my self
What if I could be a crystal ballerina??
Would every one love me and would want to buy me?
To keep me safely through all of the years to come??
To cherish me so…
To make a promise not to ever have me broken...
“Sweetie ... lets go home.”
I saw a recognizable face... a face I loved
And will never want to fade by tears and sadness yet to come...
I smiled. My heart smiled.
I was happy. Sure.
I will never be broken... not with you drying my tears whenever they appear.
You are the safety my heart seeks..
The love I will always need.
You are the one I will never break.
I love you Ma Mere,
I will always do..

July 6, 2007


Wait For Me..

Is it true?
That my heart is in desperate need of you?
Is it your love , the cure of this venom running through my veins?
How come that is?????
What do they have that I dismissed?
How do they have what we all have given up on?
By eyes that are sharp , or by needs that are told….
Do I have to open up and for my mind to be sang??
How can it be that you don’t notice me?
This is me as lonely as can be!!!
How can one be so lonely though not alone?!!?
Why are you in pain though healed of all wounds?
Is it his warm gaze that you love?
Or his careless ways of hurting you??
Let it be what it shall
If you ever thought of me… love me for me and for my smile
Is it my heart living my dreams ?
Or could it be my “future me” breaking through??
All the highs I want to reach
And all the lows I’ll have to defeat
For that may take me a step closer to where your heart is hung on mine..
Wait….wait for me my shining knight
For I will get there … yes I will

June 26, 2007

My All is You

My all is you
Remember the day when we stood under the rain…
Remember the drops of hope, which vanished all our pain...
Like innocent little kids we rand and slid into a pond of joy...
Like Romeo & Juliet, we hid beneath a tree...
Your sight crawling slowly into my eyes...
Then. Only then did you own my all...
I heard a whisper rising from the shadows...
And my heart became like one true fray...
I looked away and back again...
Where did you go? I searched my soul
Where did you hide? I asked my all
The rain that fell... now is my tear
Burning through eyes full of fear...
I felt your warmth, I felt your love.
I breathed your scent into my heart...
A sudden light... like no such light
Appeared before my awaken eyes
And there you are... smiling so bright
“I thought you’re gone…..” I whispered then.
“How can I leave when my all is here…” his pensive eyes saw straight through me.
“I’m here right now and always will be
The box of where your all tend to be
And the life of where my all is you…”
Whoever said no reason love will need...
When loving your all... is a mission to my soul.
A story of which my heart sew... a story that says loving you IS to love your all…

June 18, 2007

gonna miss yaaa

heeey ...

so i went out with my friends today to starbucks. it is the first time we get togather since graduation. it was really fun. then lolo -my friend- showed us this movie that she made. and then only then did i realize that its really over... the end of the road.

i luv yaaa my friend , really gonna miss ya baaaaaaaaaad.

June 17, 2007


My hand in yours
Your eyes on mine
Our lips are sealed
For what lies behind…
My thoughts in the air
Embracing your own
Hearing your voice, your words fall upon my ear
Those silly little things keep me on believing
There is always a chance, there’s always a choice…
For what I have felt is what I intended to feel
The key lies beneath my thoughts
The door to my heart opened up wide
It opened up for that is what I chose…
Yes, that’s who I am
A girl with a heart where freedom beats
A woman with a cage where passion seeps
Time after time
What we once had is to be gone
For you will find the core of you in someone’s arms
I give you now what you deserve for being you
I hold no blame upon what you’ll have to do
I see no choice, I see no chance..
Believe me love
It’s for the best, to give a rest…
For my heart can’t bear for you to hurt
Though for what its worth…
…..I loved you once…..
And this spot in here is always yours
The spot of where affection grows….
A flying kiss I send to you
Keep it safe, for when you’re blue..
Look at those stars, breathe in your life.
Believe in you, believe in this.
“If every thing is how it should be, then every thing will come.”
Its just a thought , for you to hold
Hold on to it, that’s what I ask
And let it be your guide in life
Love & peace , its how this ends
The End….

June 4, 2007

i love you...

May my wings help me fly
Through the walls in the sky
Reaching out with both hands
Grapping hard with my claws
To the future my heart craves..
Screaming out loud to this place
To this journey, we call life
Trying hard to get the praise
That I have fought for with my shouts
With the echo’s of your name
Missing you has not been so as hard as it seems
Though keeping up with this world without the smile of your eyes
It’s a thought that keeps on slipping from the palms of my strength
I love you…
In simple words, my heart whispers to your own
I love you now, I loved you then, and thus always I will do
Now here I am with my eyes
Gazing out through the dark
Hoping that a glimpse of you
Will appear from between
A star that shines, oh so bright
And a moon that blinds with its light
I deeply hope you are so well
Like an angel from heaven fell
That’s what you are
It’s what you mean
To all of us
Our shooting star
Good night to you my velvet heart
Good night my flair
So along my love…