December 30, 2007


No matter how strong the feeling is,
sometimes it's just better to bury your emotions inside...

December 25, 2007


Doubts, doubts, doubts.
Thinking is by far the most stressful task human beings could ever do. You face, you think, you doubt... and then you just EXPLOOOOOOODE !!!

Diamond in the Hay

As we stood on the edge of an unknown future
You placed you hand on my heart and told me not to worry
Everything will be fine
You will find the glory… it’s what you said to lift me up
The wind blows in my hair
As we danced the tears away
We’ve been hurt, betrayed, and easily took for granted..
You have laid all you cards
Wanting nothing in return…
A tearing eye, a wounded heart is what you got
For giving all the good you have..
Wake up now and face the storm
People are not what they may seem
They will suck your blood and soul
Will leave you shattered … a broken doll…
But do they care? You think they do..
Life goes on, it’s what they know
It is what’s so pure as a stone from the moon fell..
It is what’s as white as the snow that floats from up high..
This is what they missed when they turned their backs…
It is what they lost when they stabbed your back..
Someday you will find the heart of gold
Somehow you’ll know the good that’s out there..
Patience my friend.. patience is all it takes.
Don’t be let down by the undeserving.
Always look up… always be the king.
I can see through you .. and I know what you’re about..
One thing’s for sure… you’re the diamond in the hay.

December 5, 2007

Miss You

Wind is blowing..

Sky is gray…

On a cliff I stand..

One step ahead I walk

Raging sea..

Cracked black rocks…

Rain is falling..

Heavy rain..

I breathe in the cold..

Feel it in my heart

One more step and I shall fall..

Wind is singing..

I stretch my hand..

Reaching for what is not there…

Close my eyes..

I close my eyes…

I sea you now..

I keep them closed…

Forever closed…

I’m falling now..

I miss you…