August 30, 2008


I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!

Rome was sexy! I liked the place, i liked the atmosphere, i liked the FOOD! speaking of food, I LOVED THE ICE.CREAM!

we went to a couple of sexy places over there. we visited the colloseum, where Mr. sexy Russel Crow filmed The Gladiator. It was disappointing not to see him welcoming us with arms wide open! We also went to the Trevi Fountain where i made some sexy wishes. The Vatican was the most amazing i must say. Micheal Angelo did a great job with his paintings i must say. oh and also, we walked our way to the Spanish Steps. I had my face characterised over there, and he made me ugly! ugly! ugly! Damn you Italian painter!

Anyhoo, back to the FOOD! I loved it! :$

That's all for now.. i'll leave you with the pics :-o

The Colloseum
The Vatican
The Spanish Steps

Ciao :-o

August 15, 2008


All summer long I’ve been nagging, ranting, and endlessly complaining about how bored I am. The levels of boredom that I have reached are beyond limitations, believe me. Also, I have been complaining about how I have no plans for the rest of the summer. Well ladies and gentlemen, the summer is no longer a prisoner of the unleashing power of boredom. “How is that?”, you may ask. I’ll say it proudly, I’ll scream it symphonically, I’ll sing it god damn it, I’m going to ROME!

Our trip is next Thursday. So gelato, beware! Here I come! Mwa7a7a7a7a7a7a7aaaa! gelato is ice-cream in Italian. I’m an ice-cream freak, I can’t help it. :$

P.S. I will miss you like HELL :*

August 9, 2008


She stood on the edge of her thoughts

Wanted to break through

Wanted to feel free again

She craved to jump.. to let go..

The wind danced with her hair

Seducing her back to reality

But it’s too late.. she’s lost in a land where only darkness prevails

From her still eyes tears escape

Silver rain shouted at window panes, fought with roof tops, walked on her length..

She’s cold.. distant.. her silence screamed with pain.. loss.. memories of yesterday

“it’s cruel.. it’s grotesque.. this is not me.. what have I become?” she cried.

Rays of warmth touches her skin

She walks out of her shattered tomb

Made a promise to her soul

“My name is faith. Strength and love are all of me..

Darkness shall not gain victory”

She held the blazing torch with might

She swore never to kneel in front of bleeding wounds.. never again

“As still as stone and strong as steel

The base of me, the truth will reveal”

Rainbows emblazoned the path ahead

Sweet silence played a symphony

A piece of triumph and potency

August 7, 2008


I was tagged by Oreo chick & Mr.Cookie.

Name: Skittles.
My friends call me: Lulu – ‘3alooy – 3ndoo.
My Nickname(s): Skittles – Coco – 6oo6a.
Major: Public Relations.
Job Title: Student.

Boys name: 3bdul3ziz – 3bdulla.
Girls name: Gmasha - Lulu – ‘3alia.
Fruit: Pineapples – Strawberries and their sisters. :-o
Veggie: Potatoes.
Fast food place: McDonald's – Pizza (anywhere works).
Favorite cartoon character: Mogli – Tinkerbell.
Ice Cream: ALL. I looooooove icecream.

Bungee jumped: No
Used someone: Not that recall.
Had a bloody nose: Nope.
Played truth or dare: Yes.
Put your tongue on a frozen pole: No.
Been in a physical fight: Yes.
Knocked on wood: Yes.
Broken a bone: Nope.

Laughed and why? Today, I scared the shit outa my sister. LOL! That was fun.
Cried and why? Two weeks ago. Don’t wanna talk abt it.
Hugged someone and whom? Yesterday, my little brother.
Recieved a call and from whom? A while ago. My mom.
Used a pen and what did you write? Sometime last week. I honestly cant remember.
Lied and whats the truth? told my younger brothers that I once had wings. I obviously don’t :-o
Recieved a message and from whom? 3 hours ago. My best friend.
Took a shower: Last night.
Put make-up on: Last Thursday.
Rode a bike: 2 months ago.
Broken the law: I don’t know if I ever did. Well maybe I have :$ madri 9ra7a :-o

Your family: Comfort.
Your home: Peace. Not always, though.
Your friends: Happiness, Fun, Love.
Yourself: thoughts.
Your birthday: Cake!
Your bedroom: My sweet quiet shelter.
Your mobile: a definite necessity.
Your PC/laptop: My own time.
Blogging: New ppl, new personalities, new insights.
Money: Shopping! New stuff! Alaaaah :$

Eating: Nothing.
Thinking: Someone.
Smelling: the pink baby Johnson cologne. :$
Watching: NCIS.
Listening to: Nothing.
Feeling: Bored.
Wearing: PJs.
Waiting for: a message.
Hating: Summer.
Missing: Someone.
Loving: :*
Worried about: the future.
Planning: doin nothing.
Annoyed with: BOOOOOREDOM!

Make you happy: love - ice-cream.
That you're obsessed with: Chocolate – music.
Make you sad: losing someone – letting go and moving on.
You hate: Noise – space movies.
You're doing: Filling out this tag, watching TV.
You like to eat: ice-cream AGAIN :-O – Pizza.
Smell Bad: Raw fish – vomit ewww!
About you: I get annoyed by noise. I hate to be distracted when writing something.
That you did today: ate, watched TV.
That you're good at: Writing, makeup.
That hurt: loss – being misinterpreted.

Tell us something your "3ax el nas" about: I miss doing homework at times. :$
Can you play any instruments? I used to play the piano, not anymore though.
List four things that you are less than 3 meters away from: Laptop – mobile – coffee table – my slippers.
Have you ever been told you look like someone, if yes, who? Yes, Penelope cruise. But I don’t.
Are you enjoying this tag? It’s way too long. Not really.
What bad habits do you have? I drink everything with extra eyes, except for water.
If you could have one day being the opposite gender, what would you do ? stay out all night long.
Worst thing that has happened to you this year: don’t wanna talk abt it.
What's your current Habba Song? Lipstick jungle’s theme song – l’amour by Carla Bruni.
Any last words? I am the queen of alllll. :-o

I tag: Gemini - Fastidious babe - suspic.

August 4, 2008


why is this summer so boring?

I literally have nothing to do. All I do is lie flat on the sofa and watch random Tivo. If i'm not watching TV, i'm either eating, sleeping, or sleeping. The feeling really sucks. Having nothing to do makes me feel useless.

I want school to start. That's how pathetic my situation is.

Any pathetic creatures want to join the eat, zleeb, and die of boredom club?
I shall welcome you with arms wide open. :-o