August 30, 2008


I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!

Rome was sexy! I liked the place, i liked the atmosphere, i liked the FOOD! speaking of food, I LOVED THE ICE.CREAM!

we went to a couple of sexy places over there. we visited the colloseum, where Mr. sexy Russel Crow filmed The Gladiator. It was disappointing not to see him welcoming us with arms wide open! We also went to the Trevi Fountain where i made some sexy wishes. The Vatican was the most amazing i must say. Micheal Angelo did a great job with his paintings i must say. oh and also, we walked our way to the Spanish Steps. I had my face characterised over there, and he made me ugly! ugly! ugly! Damn you Italian painter!

Anyhoo, back to the FOOD! I loved it! :$

That's all for now.. i'll leave you with the pics :-o

The Colloseum
The Vatican
The Spanish Steps

Ciao :-o

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MeeMzZ said...

Allah abee aroo7 Rome;(!

SKITTLES said...

ma giltay allah yahadach! law gayla min gbil chan 5athaitich wiyana :-o

bs 5la9 its too late i'm afraid.

Disturbed Stranger said...

OMG! I know!!! I've been to Italy a couple of times... it's amazing! I could've recommended some pretty good places if I had known you were going!!! oh well, next time we go together ;)
welcome back!!

SKITTLES said...

alright, just let me know when you're in the mood for Italy!

Thanx! ;D

├ƓɧαɗσσƦ┤™ said...

7emdella 3la el salama .. garat 3aina ;p

nice shoots

├J o u j a┤™ said...

wow amazing pictures i love them a lot.. 7mdellah 3al salama :D

ren_crow said...

Next time you go to italy take me too. I'll a make you an offer you can't refuse...*wheezes*

Big Pearls said...

welcome back:)

SKITTLES said...

Allah ysalmish! Thanx ;D

I'm glad you did! :-o

That depends on the offer you're plannig to make mister!

Big pearls..
hey, long time no see!
Thanx ;D

Anonymous said...

7amdillah 3ala salamh
glad that u have fun there !

Anonymous said...

El7mdillah 3alsalama :D
Glad you had fun!

Fa6ma said...

Wow looks great =) Welcome back!

SKITTLES said...

Allah ysalimkom!

yeah i really did have a lot of fun! Thanx ;D

Euphoria said...

Allaaah! I wanna go there, soon inshallah. Glad that you had fun :)

Oreo Madness said...

didn't i tell you ennaha balad jameela!! =D=D

the ice creams are to die for! i want some :'(

Oreo Madness said...

and oh 7amdilah 3ala salamtik!!!

B" said...

oooh GOD!
never been to rome, but heard about it a lot
your sexy photos made me think .. it might be my next destination for a photography trip =D

SKITTLES said...

you wont regret it! ;D