September 3, 2008

A Bamboozling Territory!

Do people have to sacrifice their own will and deepest desire to make others happy? Should they accept to be driven towards an uncraved path just to content cherished ones? When do they have to stop and shout, “wait a second! I have a mind of my own. I’m sorry, but it is about time that I said no!”. No! How about out just a simple solid “NO”?

They have tongues and fluently do the words flow out of their extremely verbose cleavages, nevertheless, they don’t speak to not twist the smiling curves on the faces of beloved ones. Would the “NO” wound egos? Are they supposed to utterly swallow the “I want” and sing aloud the “they want”?

Are the swallowers the “good ones”? or are they just STUPID?

Are the others born with dominant characteristics, or are they denominators because the supposedly “good ones” don’t have the guts to stand up to them?

Is this making any sense? Am I making any sense whatsoever?

Just a thought I wanted to share. Just a question I wanted to be questioned.


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Anonymous said...

It's very, very hard to say NO, even though it's just a tiny two-letter word. There are lessons and tips about how to say it in the most appropriate way, and it's still TOO difficult!! It doesn't necessarily mean that people who can't say it are stupid, maybe naive, maybe little too nice, I don't know, though it's sometimes stupid not to say it. I've read everything about it and I still can't say it, which suckkksssss! A7ss it'll come out rude or I'll hurt the one I'm talking to, so I'd rather paste a smile on my face and say YES! :\
Now, what do you think?

Big Pearls said...

I used to think "YES", not anymore!

SKITTLES said...

I do say no when the issue is completely outrageous! however, I admit it is definitely difficult to say.

and yeaaaah! why the hell do we care abt others' feelings so badly!?

we gotta work on it. think it, and sing it out loud baby!!!

That ma friend is wut I think! :-o

Big Pearls..
Good for you, sista!

Karamilah said...

even when you say no, you feel guilty and change ur mind and say yes in the end. it is very hard to say no indeed, but sometimes there are cases when you can say it, but you have to be strong to defend yourself and stand to consequences of saying no in the first place.
and about being a good person by saying yes, well vice versa, well, in my opinion it depends from the person asking and their direct relationship with you. however, most pick on you when you say no and that will always be a -ve point about you, always.
risky but it sometimes feels really good to say no.

Disturbed Stranger said...

You make perfect sense! It's plain stupid!

great post.

Rawr (Dont feel like signing in) said...

you sound like me.
mmm, you speak truth, i like.

Anonymous said...

I was always trying to please the person I was with, putting my own feelings back. I found it easier to just have a communication with them reference whatever we were doing. I would offer some alternate ideas and have them also offer other suggestions, then we would choose the one that we both felt met our needs. Just talk, stop feeling like your going to hurt someones feelings. It really does get easier as you get older. Great post =]

SKITTLES said...

That's just it! In order to say no, we have to consider subsequent consequences and whatever B.S. after that.
and dont you just hate it when they pick on you for saying no to an issue that wholly concerns you and the slightest part of them?

Disturbed Stranger..
That's exactly wut it is! STUPID!

And truth i shall always speak!

can't i stay 18 and get wiser? :$

MeeMzZ said...
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MeeMzZ said...

i totally agree with you!! nice post!!

unreachable said...

agreed !
very nice post :)

SKITTLES said...

Meemzz & Unreachable..
Thank you ;D