July 31, 2007

It Does Exist

Tired… is how I feel
Sick of wondering if true love is real
Done with wishing you are right here
You… who I don’t know
Who I’ve never seen , touched …
Never heard the warmth in your voice
You’re a picture , an almost fading portrait
You lie in my head
beneath dreams…
Behind hopes…
Could it be?
I wonder…
Could it be that you are another luscious dream of which my mind paints ,
To feed the endless hunger of my heart?
A question to an answer that hunts me always
If you are there … somewhere among the crowd
Open up your heart , for what its worth
You might be stabbed…hurt
And you will bleed
And so you’ll lock your door from the hand that holds the cure
But if its just… the life of where we are meant to be
I’ll break that door .. I’ll get through to you
See, when that enchanted moment arrives…
I’ll cherish you like no one can
I’ll blind my eyes .. for you will be the last sight of beauty my heart have touched
I’ll hold you close…I’ll never never ever set you free
So keep it up…your hope for love
For I’ve been told…it does exist!!!

July 21, 2007

I'll Never Break You...

I’ll never break you!

Sitting here with absolutely nothing to do
Just freezing there in a stroked pose, I am obliged to commit to
Not being able to communicate with those who wow at the site of me
Not being able to return the compliments, which are being cast upon me
The gazes full of envious vibes, yet amazed expressions
They look at us wishing they could be so shiny, adored, and bright on the surface
But what that all have seemed to pass by without attention
We are empty…completely hallow, that is what we feel
Simply made of what your hands create
I thought I heard a noise
A fading voice as I passed by
Feeling I was so lonely
Feeling abandoned by emotions
As I focused on a window pane
My sight caught a little ballerina
A little shiny and so bright ballerina
With a surface I simply immediately adored
As I stood, there in dead silence
For a shred of a lovely moment there
I wondered to my self
What if I could be a crystal ballerina??
Would every one love me and would want to buy me?
To keep me safely through all of the years to come??
To cherish me so…
To make a promise not to ever have me broken...
“Sweetie ... lets go home.”
I saw a recognizable face... a face I loved
And will never want to fade by tears and sadness yet to come...
I smiled. My heart smiled.
I was happy. Sure.
I will never be broken... not with you drying my tears whenever they appear.
You are the safety my heart seeks..
The love I will always need.
You are the one I will never break.
I love you Ma Mere,
I will always do..

July 6, 2007


Wait For Me..

Is it true?
That my heart is in desperate need of you?
Is it your love , the cure of this venom running through my veins?
How come that is?????
What do they have that I dismissed?
How do they have what we all have given up on?
By eyes that are sharp , or by needs that are told….
Do I have to open up and for my mind to be sang??
How can it be that you don’t notice me?
This is me as lonely as can be!!!
How can one be so lonely though not alone?!!?
Why are you in pain though healed of all wounds?
Is it his warm gaze that you love?
Or his careless ways of hurting you??
Let it be what it shall
If you ever thought of me… love me for me and for my smile
Is it my heart living my dreams ?
Or could it be my “future me” breaking through??
All the highs I want to reach
And all the lows I’ll have to defeat
For that may take me a step closer to where your heart is hung on mine..
Wait….wait for me my shining knight
For I will get there … yes I will