August 24, 2009

The Trip!

Yes, this is the promised post. It’s not so festive but I assure you that it’s sexy! So here it goes..

- This is where the oh-so-delish trip began. On the road, from London to Cardiff!

- This is when i completely fell in love with the place!

-Of course life only gets better with nail polish!

...and ice-cream ;D

-On the way to Castle Coch, which is a fairytale castle that sits on a hill.

-It's a shoe and a lip gloss on a rock in the middle of nowhere. do not ask me how it got there. my only theory is alien landing.

clarification; the flower is all natural, the shoe is flowerless.

-Walking up the hill to reach the castle. As you see in the picture, this is Skitts, the ever so appealing.

-The beautiful historical castle with a hip hop factor to shake things up!

-I'll let these pictures speak for themselves.

-I had the time of my life in Cardiff! definitely gonna do that again!

Ciao ;*

August 15, 2009

Hello mates!

The skitts is back, ladies and gents!

I missed you, my sexy people!

Cardiff was amazing. It was heaven to me. I promise you one sexy post illustrating my delicious adventures over there.

So tell me, what have you been up to, foxy ones? ;D