June 26, 2007

My All is You

My all is you
Remember the day when we stood under the rain…
Remember the drops of hope, which vanished all our pain...
Like innocent little kids we rand and slid into a pond of joy...
Like Romeo & Juliet, we hid beneath a tree...
Your sight crawling slowly into my eyes...
Then. Only then did you own my all...
I heard a whisper rising from the shadows...
And my heart became like one true fray...
I looked away and back again...
Where did you go? I searched my soul
Where did you hide? I asked my all
The rain that fell... now is my tear
Burning through eyes full of fear...
I felt your warmth, I felt your love.
I breathed your scent into my heart...
A sudden light... like no such light
Appeared before my awaken eyes
And there you are... smiling so bright
“I thought you’re gone…..” I whispered then.
“How can I leave when my all is here…” his pensive eyes saw straight through me.
“I’m here right now and always will be
The box of where your all tend to be
And the life of where my all is you…”
Whoever said no reason love will need...
When loving your all... is a mission to my soul.
A story of which my heart sew... a story that says loving you IS to love your all…

June 18, 2007

gonna miss yaaa

heeey ...

so i went out with my friends today to starbucks. it is the first time we get togather since graduation. it was really fun. then lolo -my friend- showed us this movie that she made. and then only then did i realize that its really over... the end of the road.

i luv yaaa my friend , really gonna miss ya baaaaaaaaaad.

June 17, 2007


My hand in yours
Your eyes on mine
Our lips are sealed
For what lies behind…
My thoughts in the air
Embracing your own
Hearing your voice, your words fall upon my ear
Those silly little things keep me on believing
There is always a chance, there’s always a choice…
For what I have felt is what I intended to feel
The key lies beneath my thoughts
The door to my heart opened up wide
It opened up for that is what I chose…
Yes, that’s who I am
A girl with a heart where freedom beats
A woman with a cage where passion seeps
Time after time
What we once had is to be gone
For you will find the core of you in someone’s arms
I give you now what you deserve for being you
I hold no blame upon what you’ll have to do
I see no choice, I see no chance..
Believe me love
It’s for the best, to give a rest…
For my heart can’t bear for you to hurt
Though for what its worth…
…..I loved you once…..
And this spot in here is always yours
The spot of where affection grows….
A flying kiss I send to you
Keep it safe, for when you’re blue..
Look at those stars, breathe in your life.
Believe in you, believe in this.
“If every thing is how it should be, then every thing will come.”
Its just a thought , for you to hold
Hold on to it, that’s what I ask
And let it be your guide in life
Love & peace , its how this ends
The End….

June 4, 2007

i love you...

May my wings help me fly
Through the walls in the sky
Reaching out with both hands
Grapping hard with my claws
To the future my heart craves..
Screaming out loud to this place
To this journey, we call life
Trying hard to get the praise
That I have fought for with my shouts
With the echo’s of your name
Missing you has not been so as hard as it seems
Though keeping up with this world without the smile of your eyes
It’s a thought that keeps on slipping from the palms of my strength
I love you…
In simple words, my heart whispers to your own
I love you now, I loved you then, and thus always I will do
Now here I am with my eyes
Gazing out through the dark
Hoping that a glimpse of you
Will appear from between
A star that shines, oh so bright
And a moon that blinds with its light
I deeply hope you are so well
Like an angel from heaven fell
That’s what you are
It’s what you mean
To all of us
Our shooting star
Good night to you my velvet heart
Good night my flair
So along my love…