September 1, 2007

Hold on to my memory


As flowers dance with the breeze…
You chose to leave and steal the air I breathe…
My eyes tried to capture your own.
But yours kept hanging on the moon..
Fearless I turned to be .. demanding a reason of why you shall go ?!!
“we’re just not meant to be..” you dare to say.
How is that so ??????
When every dream you had of me, lived to be reality..
And every tear bleeds from my eye, found your cheek to fall upon..
Another excuse you lay on the ground “ it doesn’t feel right when I’m around !!”
A piercing arrow cuts through my heart ….
For you’re the only RIGHT in my life..
But what do I have to make you stay , when you think my love isn’t enough…?
Go , I shall say … for against your heart you shall not stay ..
But this , I fiercely dare!!!
If you found a heart to cherish your own existence like I’ve done and always will do,
Hold on to my memory .. for that’s the only piece you’ll ever have of me !!