August 13, 2007

A whole new world

A Whole New World

My soul escaped away to live in the warmth beneath your wings…
As my sight rested on a silky moon straddled by the velvet sky.
I soar my thoughts to catch my dreams. dancing among the stars
To a melody your heart was beating for my feet to walk
When a butterfly came to my ear and said : the time has come !!!
My strength to stand shattered into weakness
My voice to sing faded into whispers of yearning
I missed you my arms expressed as they flew open to your untouchable embrace
By a glance you carried me in your eyes , kept me safe beneath your lids
We flew under an endless diamond sky
As a whole new world opened its gate
Lets make it our own ..
Let me keep your smile in my heart..
take my heart & keep it in a silver box of which your head rests upon before you fall into my dreams …
I searched your soul for the key… I realized then it was me who’s being searched!
Surrendered I felt , to the love in his voice..
“where is your soul ?” his eyes demand ..
An assuring smile wiped my lips .. as I reached to touch his heaving chest.
“I lie within your flooding blood .. I swim through your endless veins,
I sip on your whelming warmth .. as I am beneath your wings.!!!”