June 30, 2009


A delicious treat for da summa! yumm :-o

As I was talking with my little brother yesterday, he asked me a question that really intrigued me. His question was very simple yet extremely deep.

Lil bro: “Skittles the seximento, have you ever seen an obese person walking alone and looking for someone to befriend?”

Skitts: “No, why?”

Lil bro: “Well I have.”

Skitts: “And what did you do?”

Lil bro: “Oh why skittles, I became friends with him!”

Mind you, he’s only 7 years old and his question may seem silly to some. However, it revealed a fact that was already there but was pretty much ignored. We are all born with a great sense of compassion. It is what we face in life that makes us evil. I deeply believe in that, but I also have this tiny part of me that is undoubtedly convinced that some of us are born pure evil! A bit paradoxical? I know! It’s just one of the many things that qualify life for top notch eccentricity.

Anyhoo, I just wanted to share a thought of my many many appealing ones.

Have a splendid one! ;D

June 29, 2009


'Ssup baby? ;DDD

So I have my first microeconomics midterm tomorrow, or today, and I’m still wide awake. I feel like chocolate right now. And ice cream. And a vanilla milkshake. No, no! I feel like rain! Imagine if it would rain right now, and the weather takes a 180 turn. That would make me feel better. Allaaah the sound of the rain drops and the smell of the freshly washed air! I miss winter. *sigh* Okay so it’s bluntly obvious that I have nothing to say.

Good Luck to moi!

Ta ta!

June 25, 2009

Hot Stuff :-o

Hellooooo Sexyyyy! ;D

A Rant:

Summer course started and the sun is not a pleasant force of nature to accommodate that. But this isn’t a post regarding our delightful weather here in Kuwait. No, I just feel this incredible need to express my deepest most painful disappointment towards the scarcity of books worth reading in Kuwait. I went to Virgin “mega” store with a friend to look for some new books to read and I found nothing! The book section was pathetic and the very little books they had were heart breakingly boring!

I just finished reading The Host by Stephanie Meyer. I wasn’t exactly hooked when I first started reading it, but after a few chapters it turned out to be really good. Meyer is a hell of a writer, no doubt there.

Enough with all the drama. For now.. ;D

Mass Destruction:

I went to the shooting range with some friends, and it was AWESOME! It’s my first time and I’m planning to do it more often. I’ve always been a fan of explosions and weapons that shoot you dead, so you can say that it was paradise to the Skittz! The feel of the gun in my hand was sexy. The thrilling sound of the bullets as they jolt through the air is adrenaline pumping! You feel like you’re in control, which is just HOT!

A Question:

After being hooked on a show or a book, do you feel like you miss the characters after you finish watching or reading? If not, never mind then. :$

A Laugh:

Nyahahahahahahahahahahaaahoooheee!!!! :-o :-o :-o

And finally, some delicious songs:

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June 20, 2009

A Poem and some more thoughts


Who I am is far away from who I were

Uncertainty is what I face when I come to question now and then

Am I the variable or are those faces I see in constant change

How shall I proceed?

Shall I fight alterations and become what I’ve forgotten once again?

Shall I inhale this alien and let it be the forever me?

I choose to be not who I am today

For change will always seep into me

The dirt I’ll release..

The pain’ll be deceased..

The right is when this essence of mine is at ease..

I shall not be a remorseful soul in lament of what was yesterday

I accept that change will come.. I accept it’s only for the best..

As for the rest.. for the people whose souls I’ve wounded

For that I shall regret forgetting the right from the left

I serve you my tears on a platter of pardon

I am at the deepest of sorrow for being the reason of your distress

I shall embrace this change.. I shall wish you nothing less

I shall make it a divine epiphany of what life’s all about..

I am not who I were yesterday..

I am not who I am this very day..

I am the child of righteous change..

I am the soul of just resolution..


Some more thoughts brought to you by the magnifique mind of mine..

-You can’t be cute and sexy. You’re either cute or sexy! Make your minds up people!

- Summer is always fun. Dusty summers however, not so much. NO. NOT AT ALL!

-Summer course starts this upcoming Sunday.

-Why do people in Kuwait stare?! Just a simple question y3ni. It’s so annoying when you’re minding your own business and you get constant stares. Y3ni n3m?

-A thirteen year old boy, as I guessed, walked by my side and sang to me. Yes, he was flirting. I’m speechless. WTH people?! WTH?!!!

-Latest Habba: Scared of lonely, by Beyonce.

What's on your oh-so-sexy minds? (SEE! "Sexy" not "sexy AND cute".)