September 20, 2008

Back 2 School. YAY!

okay, so school starts tomorrow. I'm calmly letting that mortifying fact sink in. It's not that I'm not ready or anything, it's just that I'll miss being bored and having nothing to do. I know I used to complain abt that, HOWEVER, you never miss the water until it's gone :$. Ohhh happy days! :-o

How stupid is it that we go back to school for one week and then we're off again for Eid?! HOW RIDICULOUS IS THAT?!!


Another thought to share..


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Anonymous said...

Men jed they should've extended the holiday until after Eid like they did here :\

Happy back to school :D

Big Pearls said...

9j ma 3endhom salfa!

SKITTLES said...

I really wish they did! :/
ThanX ;D


ahmed said...

OMG FOR THE THIRD TIME MY COMMENT GONE ! AND OMG! how lucky you are to go back to school. I love going back to school. I get so bored at the end of summer. I like buying school supplies and stuff and getting my schedule. Im really weird.. I actually like school! ahhh I know I'll hate it once school starts !
ma aqol ela May Allah ya3inch!!
P.S/ I hate OpenID and BLOGGER !!

Sh7afana said...

ur happy ?

Oreo Madness said...

ewwwww allah y3eeenik :/

and yeah that pic is SO EFFIN' SEXY!!!

MeeMzZ said...

waiiiiii3 i hate schoool...happy back to school!!;p hehehehe hope ur ready to wake up early every freakin' day!!;p hehehe

SKITTLES said...

I've got news for you. You're a NERD! but dont feel so bad abt it, i'm called a nerd almost all of the time. However, i dont get as excited as you abt going back to school. :-o

No, i'm being sarcastic! @@

And YEAH!! tango is delicious, i must say. :-o

actually, my classes dont start until 12 pm, so DIIIIEE IN VAIN!! mwa7a7a7a! :-o

la senora lolitta said...

men jed 7raaaaaaaam 3layhom
if they did it in Saudi Arabia i won't go i'll be absent LoooooL
bye bye vacation :D

SKITTLES said...

well at least they're giving us next sunday and monday off! that was one kind of conpensation i'd approve on. :-o

and yes.. byebye.. so loooong vacation :'(

Oranjina fadidra said...

first.. its too stupid week off, school shitty week, then week off .. not good for my system

SKITTLES said...

i know wut you mean. it messes up the whole routine.

vampyress said...

Gosh I'll never miss school ever :/ <--still basking in her vacation :P

the pic is sooo captivating,they are dancing Tango I think,very sensual

الزين said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SKITTLES said...

hey vamp, long time no see!

yeah they are dancing tango, absolutely sensual!

MeeMzZ said...

LOOOOL ramadan is over know back to normal school days HEHEHEHE!! now we both DIEE IN VIEN!!;P hehehe

i wanna cry!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!;P

Sweet Anger said...

i keep giving my sis "the look" whenever she mentions being bored and wanting to go back to school...

it is a PRIVILAGE to be bored!!

done ranting ;) good luck hun

J o u j a™ said...

i adore that paint ,, waied 7elowa
its sexy but in a classy way mo cheap thats why i love it

SKITTLES said...

you have no idea how much mali 5ilg el dawaaam! my system is still set on holiday mode. :(

sweet anger..
boredom can be a blessing, i agree. being occupied with something other than school is pretty appealing too. :$


tango is so sexy, i knooow! :-o