November 10, 2008

HI :$


Okay, okay, so I’ve been away for a while (Noonie la tjifeeeni :$). I just got busy with this hectic hectic world! I don’t have anything in particular to say, so I’ll just blurt out wutever comes on my mind.

-I’m going through midterms, as we all are. I just finished a presentation. I think I did good, but there was no wow factor there.

-The weather started to get sexy this past week. I’m still waiting for the real deal, nose-freezing, cheek-paining cold, though.

-I went to latest 007, and it was HOT!

-Sliders’ chocolate pudding is heaven on earth :$

-Twilight opens on 21st of November in the US. It’ll probably take a couple of months before it opens here. And therefore, I’ll uTorrent it!!

-Estelle just tells you to shake it!!!

18 Bootie Shakes!:

suspic said...

Shaking it should've been your wow factor. :D

Charmbracelet said...

ahlaaan wasahlaan ! =***
mdaam agdar azifich =p
w i dont think downloading it will be nice cos we wont get a good coppy mu ?
i lovee the choco pudding ! =*
thnx for updating gurl..
the weather is very sxcii

MeeMzZ said...

LOOOOOOOOOL!!;P girl ur so funny!!;p the weather is getting sexy how can the weather get sexy LOOOL!!XD and YAAAAY about the twilight thingy!! imma wait for it cause torrent sux!!;p

SKITTLES said...

DAMN IT! I kneeeeew i should've shook it!
oh well.. next time perhaps ;D

ahlan ahlaan! ;*

well we'll have to wait for the DVD to come out oo then download el DVD Rip. shakla el mofie ybeela sna 3la ma ynzil bil Kuwait :(

enshallah i'll update more often!!

I try :$

i'm a fan of torrent. bs lately m2atheni.. any suggestions? :-o

Mamitoooo said...




and been missing u like hell

SKITTLES said...

i miss you too, i swear.. :***

Ghadoor said...

mashalla el nas baleshaw midterms
ana ba6aleya madri wain allah ga6ni ;\
anyway mwafega dear

and yes el jaw mooooooooo 9ej ;\

eshda3wa said...

chocolate pudding sounds so good rite noowww

SKITTLES said...


el jaw thiba7na! ya 7ar ya brd! :-o

chocolate pudding is yummy everyday, everywhere, everytime!!! ;D

Bliss said...

a7is when harry potter comes out people ma ra7 yt7ammaso 3aleh
twilight got all the attention now!
poor harry :'(

allah ywafgik on your midterms =D

SKITTLES said...

ohh trust me Hana, Twilight is something ELSE!
you wont know it until u've experienced it. and once you do, I have this unquestionable feeling that you're gonna get hooked me friend! ;D

Oranjina fadidra said...

interesting hight lights of the day

SKITTLES said...

I cant agree more! :-o :-o :-o

TOOTA said...

loool the weather is gettin sexier by the minute!! and twilight who's not waitin for it!!;p

SKITTLES said...

the weather thabi7na mo rathi eyeena bard mithil elnaaas!!

oo twiliiiight ;D

m-a-n-x said...

how did your midterms go ??

fun blog! xx

SKITTLES said...

they went okay :$

and thanX! ;D

Anonymous said...

kl 3am wa anty b5eer =]
;p update !!