December 23, 2008


As a result of my slacking off, I missed reading Bliss's tag. This is me, appreciating Bliss.

I don’t know you

I’ve never wiped the glass to see through you

A closer look at who you are, at what you’re made of, would expose the sweet true you

I might not show it.. it may not be revealed, but you should know that I kind of already know you

The sensitive you

The pissed off you

The hilarious you

You, and all of who you are

An innocent soul with the mind of a lady I see in you

You are my friend, and I’m blessed by knowing you

You are simply BLISS

P.S. I'm not gay. Neither is Hana. We are planning to get married tho. :-o

14 Bootie Shakes!:

atoona said...

awww aint that sweet!

SKITTLES said...

oh i'm all abt sweetness :$

Bliss said...

*wipes away her tears*
ya allaaaaaaah thats so sweet of you!!!
ya 7bbeeelik wallah ^_^

that was really nice of you :)

SKITTLES said...

well you did say some nice stuff abt me and i didnt notice :$

but you really wut the poem says tra ;D

J o u J a™ said...

this is super cute :*

Venus said...

hi sis,
Allah ye5aleekum le ba3a'6 ^___^
enjoy ur day^^

الزين said...

Am Jelouse tara


libero anima said...

awwwh that's reeeeeeeally saaaweeeeet =D

SKITTLES said...

Tank you :$

hey! Thanx :-o

I couldn't access your blog, link me pleaaaaaaaze :$

la t9ereeen jealous! you know enty el zaaaaaain kila ;DDD

meeerciiii :$

Oranjina fadidra said...

amazing layout, luv it how?

Euphoria said...

Nice! :)

Venus said...

hi s.k.t.t.l.e.s
wallah u know sis! most of the bloggers cant access it coz i've added a new gadget and it ruined everything @______@ & they r like u,
i mean they kept nagging why they cant access and why am not updating ma hell blog, i've tried 2 fix the hell 4 several time but it wont @@
here is the link;am sure it will open now, hopefully @__@
a comment from u would please me ^___^
the last blog is abt 50 tags ^^
hv fun
oh, i love kuwaiti ppl @_@ i felt like i meantioned this 4 the millionth time,i wish that my friends' brother would take with him after college final exams !!!that's why am navigating around kuwaiti blogs
pardon me, am talktive @@

SKITTLES said...

Thanx! and hmm? :-o

I knooow! ;D

YAY! It worked! :-o

SKITTLES said...

oranjiiina!!! invite me 3la derwaztich!