December 27, 2008

any plans?

Since I have no glorious plans for new year's, my cousin and I decided to have our own party in my room. There'll be food, music, and a whole lot of shakin' wut our mamas gave us. :-o

Wut are your plans? @@

12 Bootie Shakes!:

Venus said...

hi sis0o0o0, ^________^
*cheese* welcome baby,
wallah lol @ wut ur mamas' gave u,
YEP! u should seize every minute of ur life lel wanasha ^^,
my plans;no friends 2 hang up with! just wanna hv fun with ma sisters & my sisters' friends! cant wait till we all finish our studies, and hv a nice
7owa6ah in Dubai , i just got suck from AbuDhabi @.@
in the New Yera eve.inshallah,
am sooo *excited* coz our families
approved that me & the "shellah" can go alone to dubai ^^
hv fun sis,
dont stop blogging ^__^

libero anima said...

LOL .. no particular plans ! .. i just wanna be awake when the clock strikes 12 .. a7es its cool to be in one year at one minute and in another year in another minute =p

SKITTLES said...

LOL! you weren't kidding when you said you're talkative! :-o

well, have fun in Dubai!!! ;D

it's so einstein-ish of you to look at it that way :-o

Venus said...

LOL! you weren't kidding when you said you're talkative! :-o

lol!! see my reply 2 you is longer than ur post @_@

Oranjina fadidra said...

god you adore BOOTIE SHAKING like a lot :p

Bliss said...

dunno what i'm going to do, but i think i'll be on the phone when the clock strikes 12 :)
and then later on, the girls are having a party at night.
hopefully it'll be fun, so i'll be there

Fastidious Babe said...

Dinner with the girls.. a place on the beach.. fireworks.. family stuff ;P ya3ny a lil bit of this n that XD

Shaima'a Alkandari said...

no thing

just visit my uncle

Disturbed Stranger said...

27th December was my birthday and new year 4 days after that... I slept on both celebrations ;)

Happy New Year btw

eshda3wa said...

hope u had fun

Anonymous said...

:D awesome !

SKITTLES said...

I can see that! @@

hehe :$

That's so sweet, the fone thing :$

Sounds like fun!

hope u had fun :-o

Happy B'Daay! ;D

It was okay :D

You know it! :-o