March 31, 2010

Ride wid me

People, a decision has been made.

I am totally building me a time machine and going back to the 80s. And the 70s. Aaaand the 60s, too.

Any takers? I can drop you off on ma way. Yes, that's the awesome person I am. My sparkling halo is blinding you, isn't it? hahaha. Deal with it, I AM giving you a free ride.

13 Bootie Shakes!:

Charmbracelet said...

sure yea..i dont mind=) laish la =P

Bliss said...

Ohhhh take me back to the 60's!!!!
I love everything about that decade!!

Texan in UAE said...

Girlie! you can take me. I'll pass the 60's. Drop me off at the late 70's and 80's.. I miss them!

DiLLi O MiLLi said...


I've BeeN TheRe ...

✿✽✿.GREAT TIME.✿✽✿


How about I'll drop you off, and then continue going MORE back to the 50s & 40s?

♥ LoVe


Anonymous said...

lol i'm so in w this.

SKITTLES said...

mo laish la! it's a must babe! ;D

My friends always call me a hippie, so I'm totally taking my time in there. OOOOOOOH!!! We can form our own Beatles!!!!

[T in da UAE]
Lucky you! you got to live in the greatest most awesome music era ever!

[D O M]
YES! pleaaase! I'm begging you take me back in time! You would totally hit a new level of awesomeness!! ;D mwah ;**

[M & J]
Yeaaaaaah babyyyy! Let's do dis!!

Standy said...

lol.. count me in =D

Another-Penelope said...

Wanasa :D take me to 60's ^_^

eshda3wa said...

take me take meee

SKITTLES said...

I'm craving chocolate. Get me some and you're in!

[Anotha Penny]
Bring me some weed on your way back.

You're in. Feet off the dashboard.

Lipsticked Pig said...

take me with !! :D

ren_crow said...

I'd rather go back to the 90s.

SKITTLES said...

[lipsticked pig]
you got it, sista!

What's so special abt the 90s? I find the 80s more festive. ROCK & ROLL, maaan!