April 15, 2010

Procs and Keys

Loving de jacket!

Why does procrastination taste so sweet? The only thing I find myself being good at is tanning! I’m tanned and it’s all hawt but I still got a ton of work to do. I know I just need a tiny push to get the engine going. But the question here, my sizzling friends, is how am I supposed to do that? Any hot advice I could do with?

Moving on, this song has been haunting me for a week now! As Barney Stinson would put it, it’s LEGEN- wait for it, waaaaaait for it- DARY!

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‘til we meet again, hot stuff.

4 Bootie Shakes!:

Texan in UAE said...

She's gorgeous!!!! and love the jacket!!!!

SKITTLES said...

I love her music! and her jacket is just awesome!!!

Bliss said...

Sexy jacket!

The song isn't working...what was it?

SKITTLES said...

I KNOW!!!!!!

The song is Try sleeping with a broken heart by Alicia. I just love it. ;*