May 28, 2010

An Interesting Upcoimg Event

The flyer instantly caught my eye and I thought I'd share it. We've never had a garage sale in Kuwait before. I think it's awesome! definitely gonna be there.

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Another-Penelope said...

allaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah 3jeeba fekraa :D wain hatha bl sh3aab elly yam 7dee8at sh3ab?

Anonymous said...

a garage sale in kuwait that sounds awesome. i should hook my sister in law up..LOL

skittles said...

[Another Penny]
eee yam 7adeeqat elshi3ib exactly ;D

I think it's gonna be hawt! :o

Charmbracelet said...

yes interesting ! A7s bekoun chna ma3r'6..ilkil beye kash5 w mu shayf 5air =p ! =O

skittles said...

LOL GOD I hope not! The whole concept is for it not to be a ma3rath! it's a garage sale y3ni! 7ada bi9eer wanasa, i'm definitely gonna be there ;D

Anonymous said...

That's awesome!! I'm jealous!

I remember when my sister and I wanted to have a garage sale, mom went "hatha elli nage9 3shan ygoloon banati ybe3oon a'3ra'9hum". I still think it would be fun though :(