December 27, 2008

any plans?

Since I have no glorious plans for new year's, my cousin and I decided to have our own party in my room. There'll be food, music, and a whole lot of shakin' wut our mamas gave us. :-o

Wut are your plans? @@

December 23, 2008


As a result of my slacking off, I missed reading Bliss's tag. This is me, appreciating Bliss.

I don’t know you

I’ve never wiped the glass to see through you

A closer look at who you are, at what you’re made of, would expose the sweet true you

I might not show it.. it may not be revealed, but you should know that I kind of already know you

The sensitive you

The pissed off you

The hilarious you

You, and all of who you are

An innocent soul with the mind of a lady I see in you

You are my friend, and I’m blessed by knowing you

You are simply BLISS

P.S. I'm not gay. Neither is Hana. We are planning to get married tho. :-o

December 15, 2008

Hiii :$

I have no decent excuse for not updating. So, I'm just gonna start off with "Hello people :$!".

- I watched Twilight and am severely disappointed. Edward is so not Edward, and Bella is just wrong.

- I have a lot of stuff to do for Uni. oo 7adi slacking off.. mali 5ilg :(

- oh and I saw gay mit7ajib the other day while lunching bil Avenues!! I knoooooow!!! :-o

- I started watching this new show "Fringe", and i'm getting hooked! I recommend it for sci-fi freaks like meself :$

- This song is my latest habba song. The video 7ada stupid, bs it's good music! Enjoy! ;D